well here I am…

So after a hiatus – of several years here I am again. Why? I am not sure – maybe if I chronicle stuff in my head it makes space in there for other stuff, which is perhaps a bit odd as the good Lord knows my wee head is empty. Who knows, and besides I am almost willfully shallow. So in the mean time what has happened in the intervening years? Well, Simon – Simon happened.

Some days I can talk about Simon (Nr.2 kid and some days I can’t), but in the interests of clarity, Simon died 16 December 2011. Even typing that now is hard, horrendously hard and it all comes back.

Anyway, Simon – Nr.2, my big gentle giant, the partner in crime and my soulmate and sidekick, yeah gone. hard to imagine someone so full of life and so thoroughly present and in the moment is wherever good people go when they die. 17 and 1/2 year olds die in their sleep – who the hell knew? They die the final day of school term just before Christmas break up in their last year at school, they live a good life and they die. You know all those crazy things parents tell their kids not to do in case it foreshortens their existence (don’t blow your nose so hard as I know of a kid who blew his head contents out one nostril, don’t poke your ears with cotton buds – I know of a child who poked their brain out their other ear hole, don’t talk to strangers – especially the crazy ones that offer you sweets and tell you they have a sick puppy at their home that would love to see you, don’t wear long trailing scarves on escalators as they can get sucked into the escalator ends and pull you with them into their tiny little mechanisms and you will be like Flat Eric, the 2 dimensional kid which is fashion-bad …), nope Simon died in his sleep of a heart attack. Who knew teenagers could die from heart attacks, and you know all those dangerous places your parents warned you of – they forgot to mention at home in your sleep. If that isn’t reason to get out and grab life, what the hell is? If that isn’t reason to hug your kids and tell them to get out and live life – again, what the hell is?